State of the CinciClassic

Yeah, its been a while since there’s been any new news regarding CinciClassic, but the big reason there isn’t much news is because there haven’t been any firm plans about the next CinciClassic. Rest assured that there’s still folks giving it some brain cycles, but as of yet there’s nothing concrete to report. Stay tuned to this site for the latest and greatest information about CinciClassic when it becomes available.

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3 Responses to State of the CinciClassic

  1. Hellion_1 says:

    I am a member of the Cincinnati Commodore Computer Club. We have been doing our own expo’s now for the last five years. We were present at the last CinciClassic in 2006. I would like to contact someone there to see if there was any interest in joining forces for the opportunity to put together another event. There hasn’t been a CinciClassic in 4 years, and we want to expand the audience of our expo’s. If there is any interest at all, please contact me at the email address above or email CCCC from our website:

    Thanks for your time,

  2. Roman Games has a store at Treasure Aisles flea market. We set up at 2006. Our landlord is interested in working with us in doing a show since there has not been one since 2006. Email me or look us up on FaceBook if you’re interested. We have talked to Bill about working with him for CinciClassic and about this opportunity. Our intent is to help if we can because space hard to find (e.g., expensive and location), and our landlord can supply space and tables.

  3. Rob Mitchell says:

    Just want to check in … I had a blast at the first three events .. But I haven’t seen you since 2001. If you ever have an event again .. I will try to get there! Best! -Rob Mitchell

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